16 grey kitchen ideas that are stylish and sophisticated

16 grey kitchen ideas that are stylish and sophisticated

Grey kitchen divisions can transform a kitchen blueprint, computing character, individuality and a timeless elegance

grey-kitchen-ideas-featured-imageImage credit: Lizzie Orme

If you’re looking for an alternative to white-hot kitchen parts, you really can’t go wrong with our grays kitchen notions. In the past, there may have been more of an all-or-nothing approaching to colour in the kitchen- recollect lime dark-green and orange in the 1970 s? Today’s palette is more constrained, with gray-haired kitchens testifying a major reach. Tone is important extremely, even within the grey lineage warmer gray-headeds create a different feel from blue-based shades of slate, for example.

When choosing an accent colour or a mixed palette for your white-haired kitchen, it’s wise to follow tend and trusted colour possibility.’ Either select complementary emblazons, which are next to each other on a colouring motor, or comparing shades from opposite sides of the wheel ,’ says David Mottershead, MD at Little Greene.

‘Contrasting emblazons are energising, while complementary colourings are calming.’ Soft, pallid grey-haired tend to work well in smaller kitchens, but bigger infinites may need some sections of bolder colouring to prevented the arrangement looking bland and wishy-washy. We like mingling pallid grey-haireds with deep navy, or even a shot of fuchsia pink.

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For insidious contrast, two different canopies of the same calm colouring tend to work better on cabinetry than three or four, which can look like a mistake. An island coated in a deeper or distinguishing colour to that of the wall lockers will make it a focal point in your white-haired kitchen.

Base lockers in darker shadows than wall cupboards help the design and is an impediment looking top ponderou. For stronger differentiate, foresee glowing and dark, or two daring greys of the same’ force’ and counterbalance. Extremely much heavy emblazon can make a apartment feel smaller, so you may just wanted to poise things with a neutral floor and walls.

Elements of natural lumber will add warmth to cooler gray-headed kitchens, and evenly a grey-white natural stone flooring can cool down a fiery palette. As in quality, earthy dark-browns, greys and sand colours merge harmoniously. Cool grey-headeds gaze good with stainless steel, and brightly coloured accents, such as small-time gizmoes, splashbacks and barstools, will help lift the mood.

Read on to discover our favourite grey-headed kitchen ideas…

1. Frame grey cells with brass item Grey-kitchen-ideas-brass

Image credit: Matthew Williams

The devil- they say- is in the detail. But we find this insidious exert of brass to periphery these deep grey-haired measurements positively heavenly. It’s a great method to draw additional glamour to existing cabinetry. Or to see brand-new off-the-shelf furniture look a whole lot more expensive. Arranging illuminating ups the ante even further.

2. Dare to use pink as a backdrop to grey kitchen-makeover-with-pink-walls-grey-units-and-vintage-furniture-9

Image credit: Colin Poole

This isn’t a look for the faint hearted, but if you LOVE pink, it’s a earn combo. Rosy-cheeked copper manipulates and utensils, along with wooden furniture, facilitate mix the cool of the grey with the excitement of the candy-coloured walls.

3. Go country with French grey-headed and poppings of pastels Country-kitchen-makeover-with-upcycled-furniture-3

Image credit: Philip Lauterbach

Grey is just about the most flexible emblazon for a kitchen. In charcoal, it can feel very modern, but opt for a French gray-haired like this and you’re immediately transported to the Gallic countryside. Even if you do live in Grimsby.

If you’re going to introduce a few different colourings in supplements, it’s best you obstruct to one single style for the backdrop- so make sure your splashback, boards and flooring all parallel. Otherwise the overall outcome will be less stylish and more shambles.

4. Add natural vibrancy with lettuce Kitchen-makeover-dark-grey-units-palm-print-wallpaper-green-accents

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

There’s no danger of this grey-haired kitchen seeming pessimistic thanks to an insertion of forest dark-green. The splashback tiles are complemented by real-life greenery in the form of succulents and fresh herbs. Leather handles are a smart finishing touch that obliges the off-the-shelf units glance high-end.

5. Bring warmth with lumber flooring and part surfaces Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Grey has a reputation for has become a cool and clinical emblazon- but by mixing in some grove, you can create a positively warm and cosy watch. The subterfuge is to find the right subtlety, and mix in the right tone of lumber. Now, almost purple-grey measurements have been teamed with a chunky pale oak worktop and knotted floorboards to harmonious influence. If you missed something that worked with a darker, charcoal grey, you could try a deeper walnut.

6. Use beds of grey-haired Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Tom Howley

Using various seams of white-haired colours to pick out individual elements of the room makes a cohesive feel in this kitchen. The walls and island are coated a obscurity, slate gray, the cabinetry is a softer colour, and darker specks in the marble of the worksurface and splashback demonstrate an effortless transition between light and dark. Keeping the rest of the scheme flame keeps the apartment feeling airy despite the abundance of dark grey.

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7. Smarten up a small kitchen with grey Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Chalon

In a smaller space, some might were concerned that gray-headed will support an oppressive hand-picked, specially darker subtleties, but this well-ordered kitchen shows that doesn’t have to be the case. Exercising the same dark shadow on the lengthways stream of cabinetry, settle arena, upstand, kickplate, stool and lighting is a cohesive, eye-catching hand-picked, and the wan color of gray-haired used throughout the rest of the scheme keeps the gaze airy.

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8. Add grey shelving for a casual gaze Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

We love these smart gray-headed gangs, but have them on the walls, more, might have been a pace more far. Instead, a simple grey-headed shelf clears for more informal- even rustic- storage that doesn’t form the chamber seem too dark. Marble worktops, a Belfast sink and worktop-to-ceiling metro tiles in radiant lily-white greatly lighten the mood.

9. Choose French Grey for a rustic strategy Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: David Brittain

A relieving green-grey, French gray-haired takes its mention from the colour heavily put forward in French layout and wallpapers from the 19 th century. It’s as popular now as it was then thanks to its own unique soothing caliber, which originates it perfectly suited to tighten rustic kitchen-diners like this one.

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10. Fling in pas of bright yellowish Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: David Merewether

What brightens up a cloudy daylight? A little bit of sunshine, of course! The same can happen in a deep gray kitchen- here, bold yellow Tolix-style stools and supplementaries introduce energy and recreation. Notice, very, how the interior opening has been painted in a very dark gray-haired to competition the window encloses, for a more cohesive look.

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11. Go grey on the walls Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Deep grey basi units make this kitchen feel very grown up. But to keep the arrangement brilliant and airy, white-hot groups have been used above, and the walls drawn in the same colour so that they are able to blend in. We said earlier that a darker walnut timber works well with charcoal grey, and here’s the proof.

12. Tiny kitchen? Pick pale grey and compute contemplative skin-deeps Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Dark grey-headed legions may have been too much in this diddy kitchenette, but a soft white-haired works well. The cabinetry be completed by stainless-steel supplementaries including a submerge, gadgets and kickboards, which also help to reflect light-colored around the small seat. It goes to show that white-haired doesn’t have to planned gloomy.

13. Add some copper to warm up a mid gray-headed Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Paul Massey

Copper is very on tend right now and it attains the perfect foil for a wan grey-headed infinite, introducing out the pinky hues and feminising what could be a awfully austere gap. Use it for igniting, pans, and- if your budget can stretch to one- a copper or copper straddle cooker like this one from Mercury.

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14. Have recreation with prosperous accessories Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Slick, sleek and chic, grey is the perfect advanced foil to raw brick walls. Glam things up with chic chandeliers and lend a zebra just for fun.

15. Trim with timber Grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Darren Chung

Temper all-grey gangs with a wood trim to show a cleanse, warm hem. Take it a stair further by introducing joining lumber wall closets. Sacrifice your programme a cool, New York loft vibe with ever-popular metroes tiles.

16. Go dark and stunning grey kitchen ideas

Image credit: Paul Raeside

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For genuine theatre, go for a really dark shade of grey-headed. This charcoal-grey vignette devotes the open hope place a sophisticatd, sex air, disappearing when not wanted, while still being no-nonsense functional and had been able to being put to hard work.

So there you have it. Proof that gray-headed is one of the most stylish shadows exiting, and can look great in any mode of kitchen. Which glance is your favourite from our collect of the most wonderful grey-headed kitchen opinions?

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