Before and after: a derelict kitchen becomes a light and sociable space

Before and after: a derelict kitchen becomes a light and sociable space

With mints of expertise on hand, the owner was able to achieve her vision on a close-fisted budget

Kitchen-makeover-brick-island-grey-patterned-floor-white-units-3Image credit: Colin Poole

This first-time buyer was looking for an affordable doer-upper, and she disturbed gold in her dwelling province of Lancashire. Having a number of friends and family( including her mothers) in the building swap means that she was able to tackle the three-bedroom Twenties semi, despite it’s initial- roughly derelict- state.

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The house had been empty for months and was a terminated mess inside, but the high-pitched ceilings, big-hearted areas and astonishing sunlight inundating in at the back all plea.

She first speculated she would keep the breakfast nook and kitchen separate, but the kitchen was small and too dark, so knocking down the partitioning wall was an self-evident move.’ The kitchen manipulated better in the corner, leaving room for a counter, and I knew I required a breakfast table with stools, because I adoration having friends over for a glass of wine-colored or a chocolate and a chat’.


Image credit: Colin Poole

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‘I like modern and antique gapes, and I wish directions and straight lines to curves. Surpas of my wishlist were the metro wall tiles. They’re not too expensive and it’s easy to create interesting upshots. They likewise fit in with the empty, functional vibe I missed ‘.

Brick was another must-have textile for that industrial advantage-‘ I was stimulated that we could re-use the bricks from the dining-room wall to build the breakfast rail ‘. Patchwork-style floor tiles work well with grey legions and chunky open wooden shelves’ for easy storage’.


Image credit: Colin Poole

Her mum and dad recommended B& Q kitchen furniture( which they had fitted before ), and she found the excellent cabinets at a rational premium. She found her contraptions and flooring there too.

Sourcing so much from one accumulation saved hours of research and browsing around. And luckily, everything was in stock.

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Image credit: Colin Poole

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As soon as the fractioning wall came down, the homeowner knew she’d done the right thing:’ the space felt vast, and lay patio doorways brought in even more natural light’.


Image credit: Colin Poole

The age-old storey came up, a brand-new boiler was invested and the office was stripped back to the brickwork. Three walls were re-plastered and eras were spent scraping every tiny bit of mortar and plaster off the remaining wall and emptying all the bricks saved to build the breakfast bar.

Then it was time to choose a wall colouring:’ I coated two walls mid-grey, and my mum helped me wallpaper one, to compute emblazon to the room’.


Image credit: Colin Poole

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This is one homeowner with an eye for a bargain. She managed to track down lumber and brackets to see the open shelves, which she then discoloured for an aged seem. Her Tom Dixon pendant lamps were a thrifty car-boot sale find, expensing only PS50- a saving of more than PS900.

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She’s understandably delighted with the results.’ My parents, brother and cousin did all the building operate, plumbing and electrics, following my hand-drawn programs- the latter are astounding ,’ she says.’ I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved together and I can’t thank my parents enough. This is not possible to my forever home, but right now I utterly love it’.

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