Get Ready for Warm Weather With This Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Get Ready for Warm Weather With This Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is almost here. Before it officially arrives, give yourself a chance to beat the heat by prepping your dwelling for the coming season. If you aren’t sure this is right to start, you’re in luck. Below is our ultimate summer home maintenance checklist. Follow the steps described and, before you know it, you’ll be ready for the best part: summer entertaining.

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Wash your spaces exhaustively. Portrait: Roost USA Inc .

Wash openings and screens

Believe it or not, this task doesn’t begin with the glass. You want to start by cleansing the screens. Use a vacuum to bring up any loose grease. Then, scrub each one with some dish soap and a bristle graze to remove any lurking debris. When they’re clean-living, set them outside to dehydrate wholly before using.

Now, tackle the windows. Start a solution that’s one part hot water and one constituent vinegar. Then use a sponge or squeegee to bath each space. After soaking, use a cloth to dry each one. Use additional prudence when on a ladder for second-floor spaces. Eventually, supersede your clean screens.


Make sure your family abides chill. Likenes: Borges Brooks Builders

Prep your HVAC and devotees

The last-place stuff anyone wants is to find out on a scalding sizzling era that their air conditioner system and followers aren’t wielding. Before temperatures get too high, make sure your systems are in working order.

To work on your HVAC, start by forming off the power to the unit for safety. Then remove the grills protecting the system’s devotee and use a refrigerator ringlet brushing to clean out any debris that’s accumulated in the fan over wintertime. Change the grills and take the time to either clean or change the system’s filter. Finally, look over the scrolls for any signs of fraying or self-evident wear and rend before testing the system. If necessity, call in a professional to make any larger structure repairs.

After you’re done, prepping your followers is a much simpler exercise. For this, you simply need to take a ladder and a rag to dust off your supporter blades. You may also want to pinpoint the fan’s spin tack switch to ensure the blades are spinning counterclockwise. This will push cool air downward and help you save on energy.


Boost curb appeal. Likenes: Terracotta Design Build

Freshen up your exterior

Next up, take a look at your home’s exterior. It should shine in summer. Upon inspection, if there are any indicates of blight or shatter from the winter, restore those smudges firstly or bring in a professional to do so. Then, superpower soaked the exterior to get rid of stuck-on dirt and rubble. Lastly, look to see if your home’s paint errand need to see a touch-up. If so, fill in those distinguishes on a daytime when “youve had” delightful weather.

Keep in attention that summertime is also the excellent time to boost curb petition. If you haven’t already, invest in a few heydays to embellish the breast of your home, make sure your lawn is pit take better care, and consider sprucing up your front entryway by cleaning light-colored fixtures and investing in a fresh welcome mat.


Get your deck be prepared to defendant. Persona: Randle Siddeley

Prep the deck

If you have an outdoor cavity like a deck or patio , now is the time to get onto “re ready for” entertaining. Start by looking for any loose cards or other clues of disrepair. Fix those first. Then, if needed, beach and restain the surface.

When the deck is in good shape, focus on the furniture. A heated, soapy rag should be all that’s required to wipe it down after a long winter. Then, when everything is cool, keep it out where it belongs and enjoy!


Give your driveway a brand-new coating. Likenes: Mariani Landscape

Reseal the driveway

The final assignment is to reseal your driveway or hold it a brand-new hair of asphalt. To do this, start by dominance drying the part surface to make sure it’s as free of clay as possible.( If there is too much grime, the asphalt won’t prepared suitably .) Allow it to dehydrate completely.

When you’re ready, fill in any gigantic fractures or potholes with asphalt rift filler. Then, take a long-handled bristle brush and use the liquid asphalt to organize a border around the bottom and surfaces of the driveway. Since asphalt is cluttered, this will give you guidelines to stay within as you work. Next, use a squeegee to spread the asphalt evenly from all the regions of the part driveway. Toil in areas to avoid having the asphalt baked before you’re done.

Are you caught up on your summer home maintenance checklist? Which tasks are on your roll? Share them with us in the comments.

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