Ideas wanted: Help me turn IKEA ADDE into an Industrial Chair

Ideas wanted: Help me turn IKEA ADDE into an Industrial Chair

Hello guys! I’m Natalia, from Catalonia, and I have part of new ideas, so I need your help! I was mulling into turning the IKEA ADDE into an industrial chair, by removing its plastic components (” foot” and back of the chair) and changing them into grove planks.


ADDE chair |

Do you guys have any ideas how to do this by consuming, maybe, other IKEA concoctions? I was thinking about cutting boards, or maybe pails? I am not sure, and I don’t even know where to start, but I think it could be a cool idea.

Thanks !!!

~ by Natalia


Hi Natalia

Great to hear you’re aiming an IKEA hacker. It’s always immense to move the limits of our creativity.

Yes, I agree that grove slats added to the ADDE chair frame would generate it some industrial vibe. For this Industrial Chair project, I would consider using the LUROY bed slats, cut to the right period. It’s cheap extremely, simply $9.99.

As the LUROY slats are made from layer-glued birch, they will adjust to your mas value. The slats will provide the seat and back with a bit of a jump, compared against solid wood slats. Getting the right curvature to fit the back and seat would be the most challenging flake, I figure.

IKEA LUROY bed slats


Ideas for industrial chairs

For your inspiration, here’s a previous industrial chair hack employing wood slats. It’s not on the ADDE, but the old EMMABO rocking chair. The original IKEA version came with a fiber window-dressing which eventually rend. Alex retrofitted the chair with lumber slats and used it as an outdoor deck chair. It gapes fab, IMHO, nature better than the original fiber clothe. You can see more of it now and a lighter version now.

Industrial Chair ideas

Another possibility is, of course, metal. It’s as industrial as you can get.

Industrial Chair ideas

Use a HYLLIS rack and crouch it into condition for the back of the ADDE chair. Make another rack and wrap it around the seat. You’ll need to cut them into the right lengths first. Be careful of the sharp-witted advantages. See the tutorial here.

A different style of industrial chair

Personally, I favor a subtler industrial mode and I see woven chairs deliver the appropriate balance, depending on the material and colourings.

Industrial Chair ideas

The original rattan tush granted course and Bdegraf utilized discarded climbing rope to tie together a new seat. Pretty comfy it seems. See more.

Besides rope, you can use the same woven concept with seat belt information to entwine around the chair formulate. A softer various kinds of industrial chair, perhaps?

Industrial Chair ideas

I hope these doctrines will help kick-start your job. Tell us know how it discontinues up. We’ll love to see it.

Happy hacking,


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