IKEA corner table in beautiful beech: A DIY

IKEA corner table in beautiful beech: A DIY

Here’s how I made a large IKEA corner table from their work tops and legs.

In total, we expended $325, which was far less expensive than to purchase a tradition cleared L-shaped table to fit the space.

IKEA items use:

2 x GERTON table top 5 x OLOV movable legs

Other Cloths:

Screws Metal brackets 4 x 6 ft. long 1×4 ” grove boards Cable grommets Keyboard tray( optional)

Tools expected:

Circular met Guide for the circular discover Drill Tape set

How to make an IKEA corner table

The first thing I did was decide how big-hearted I missed the desk. I exerted the 29.5 x 61 ” table top from IKEA whole, and cut the 2nd piece for the “L” with the circular check with a guide to create a straight cut.

I acquired that patch 18 x 34 ” so that it would fit where we were going to use the desk.

There are metal bracings on the bottom of the table tops. Remove them before trimming, and make sure that you chipped the table top so that the finished line-up of the desk will point outward, otherwise you’ll have the hole for the metal bracket direct facing out.

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I delivered the portions into the power where the desk was going to reside and started assembling.

Joining the two separate desks into one corner table

DIY IKEA corner table from table tops

First, I used one metal brackets to poise the 2 pieces together, and then use the 1 x 4 ” lumber to balance around it and supplemented more metal brackets for extra stability.

DIY IKEA corner table from table tops

Since we have baseboard heat, and I craved the desk to sit flush against the wall, I offset the rear facing 1×4 so that the legs could be used bolted to it far enough to clear the baseboard heater.

DIY IKEA corner table from table tops

Once I locked the 1 x 4 grove around the the table tops( with 2 segments to the centre of the 29.5 x 61 case for the keyboard tray to attach to ), we flung the desk over onto 2 saw colts. I clamped the legs into the desk and then removed the saw horses.

After that I discoloured the desk and installed a marry cable grommets for dominance and monitor wires.

DIY IKEA corner table from table tops

My only advice would be to measure twice, cut once.

In my journals, the IKEA corner table job went well and I objective up with the desk I demanded. And it fits the area to a tee.

I even aimed up exploiting a piece bit to make a small laptop tray for another room which is secured to the wall with fold away shelf brackets.

~ by Peter

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