Kitchen flooring ideas – for a floor that’s hard-wearing, practical and stylish

Kitchen flooring ideas – for a floor that’s hard-wearing, practical and stylish

Kitchen flooring might need to be practical and hard-wearing, but there’s no would be required for it to be dull

After kitchen flooring opinions? As kitchens often blend with dining areas into larger, open-plan rooms, kitchen flooring can be a great style of uniting different areas of the apartment, generate a cohesive finish. It’s a good idea to prefer your storey at the same day as your cabinetry, and put together a palette of colourings and materials.

Modern porcelain tiles tend to be the most hard-wearing pick for kitchen flooring, as they are waterproof, grime resistant and scratch-proof, as well as easy to cleanse. Natural stone will last-place a lifetime if properly installed and treated, but it’s porous and must be sealed. Solid and engineered lumber floors are warm and furnish attribute, but tend to be less durable( although solid floorings can often be refinished ).

Thinking about setting underfloor heating? Generally, porcelain and stone tiles are fine with underfloor heating, but wood floorings are not always suitable( timber generally elevates stable conditions ). Check with your flooring supplier before buying.

Foundations are worth thinking about, very. Sub-floors need to be clean-living, cool, structurally sound and flat, and most suppliers recommend exercising an installer experienced in the flooring being applied( particularly for natural stone ). Larger format tiles and patterned schemes typically take longer to fit and incur more wastage, so are generally more expensive. Not sure what to go for? Have a browsing of our fab kitchen flooring ideas below.

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1. Work in vinyl Kitchen flooring ideas

Image credit: Ben Anders

Vinyl flooring is hard-wearing, durable and easy to set. It is also much softer and warmer underfoot compared to stone and ceramic tiles, more forgiving with dropped crockery and a breeze to keep scavenge. A recent rise in vogue signifies there is now a wide range of modern, trend-led designings accessible. Thickness is a good signal of quality, for both membrane and tiled vinyl. Cheap sheet vinyl starts at 1mm thick, which will make it easy to fit but not very long-lasting. Aim for 3.5 mm upwards.

2. Mull about motif Patterned flooring kitchen flooring ideas Polly Eltes

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Make a feature of your flooring with beautifully patterned flooring tiles- they’re obviously the standout slouse in this stylish kitchen. Consider your colour scheme carefully when playing with pattern- now, the pale blues and gray-headeds are the excellent complement to the painted kitchen units.

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Image credit: Brent Darby

Natural information such as stone are always a popular select and lend purity to a planned. A current trend is’ mimica’ porcelains, which recreate the watch of natural fabrics, while offering an easy-to-care for finish. Here, limestone flags have been laid in a mixture of sizings for a relaxed watch that parallels the wording of the units and farmhouse table.

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4. Keep is fine with polished concrete Polished concrete flooring kitchen flooring ideas James Merrell

Image credit: James Merrell

Looking for a tough kitchen floor covering “its also” effortlessly cool? Opt for polished concrete. Perfect if you’ve got an unequal flooring face, as you simply concrete over it. It’s also extremely limited upkeep and hardwearing, and can help manifest light-headed around the room.

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5. Call on differentiate Dark wood flooring kitchen flooring ideas Richard Powers

Image credit: Richard Powers

Wooden floors are a great choice for kitchens and kitchen-diners, equipped they are treated so that they’re resistant to accidents and discolorations. A dark-stained floor, closed suitably, searches marvelous when taken together with white-hot walls and high, airy ceilings.

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6. Go traditional with granite Granite tiles kitchen flooring ideas Simon Whitmore

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Classic granite tiles will suit all modes of kitchen and are great for well-used infinites that examine a lot of pours. Durable, hardwearing, stain-resistant and easy to scavenge, granite is the perfect cloth for kinfolk homes.

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7. Create a insidious aspect with parquet Parquet flooring kitchen flooring ideas Robert Sanderson

Image credit: Robert Sanderson

Choose a delicate parquet if you want to give a gesture to a feature flooring without being too over the top. Classic parquet flooring can be laid as individual barriers, or the effects are likely to be facsimile by engineered lumber timbers, who the hell is easier to fit. White components and furniture are great marriages, as they make the warm grove sounds glint through.

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8. Fake it till you make it Laminate flooring kitchen flooring ideas James French

Image credit: James French

Laminate isn’t just a cost-effective flooring option- modern laminates often come with long guarantees, are super-durable and can be used with underfloor heating. Plus, advancements in digital imaging technology means that wood-effect accounts like this one are virtually indistinguishable from the real deal.

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9. Try simple storey tiles Terracotta floor tiles kitchen flooring ideas Trevor Richards

Image credit: Trevor Richards

Get the effect of terracotta with practical lightweight porcelain tiles. The excellent addition to a country practicality area, these tiles need only minimal upkeep. Complete the space with a bright artisan textile, cream components and open shelving.

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10. Paint the floorboards Painted white floorboards kitchen flooring ideas Richard Gadsby

Image credit: Richard Gadsby

Light, brilliant and easy to refresh, these depicted white floorboards are teamed with a shining artwork for a contemporary appear. Mirror the rainbow shadows of the canvas with charming kitchenalia and slew of natural greenery. If you’re lucky enough to have wooden beams, don’t dye over them- a natural lumber finish will contribute beautiful warmth.

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11. Keep it country Natural flooring kitchen flooring ideas Colin Poole

Image credit: Colin Poole

A stone floor is a lovely addition to any country kitchen. Get the effect with a limestone tile, or elect a modern lookalike in porcelain. In this modern farmhouse, classic lily-white groups give the planned a glowing be thought that sits comfortably with the varied flavors of the flooring.

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12. Say it with slate Slate flooring kitchen flooring ideas Oliver Gordon

Image credit: Oliver Gordon

Slate flooring in on-trend large-scale slabs lends a rustic vibe to this glossy kitchen. Slate is a beautiful information with natural crests and alterations that supplement depth to a gap. This storey is quite smooth, but rough fringes are part of slate’s charisma and the material will merely gape better with age.

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13. Go for geometrics Geometric floor tiles kitchen flooring ideas Jonathan Jones

Image credit: Jonathan Jones

Be adventurous with proclamation kitchen flooring. These vinyl tiles supplement stake to a large room and liven up plain cabinetry. Pattern is ideal for stomping identity on your residence. Squad with a simple metro tile for a trendy wall that won’t steal notice from your floor.

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We hope these kitchen flooring theories will help with your kitchen redevelopment project.

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