What top five factors make a house a home? The results are in!

What top five factors make a house a home? The results are in!

We’ve set out to discover how related Brits feel they are with their dwellings. What few simple ingredients are a recipe for souring bricks and mortar into a homely sanctuary?

When creating a home, you might automatically reach for the make-up quality maps, the perfect dining table or those lampshades that caught your nose. But would it surprise you to discover that us Brits aren’t so materialistic after all?

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Anglian Home Improvements have whittled down the roster of top five tones that sum up what makes a live a dwelling. Can you guess what they are? Find out below…

5. Banquets with family and friends


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43 per cent of us enjoy picking for a hearty meal. An added 48 per cent of respondents say that good prepare reeks make a residence heated and inviting. It’s pretty clear nutrient is a big factor for us in the UK … anyone for a fresh dough scented candle?

4. The din of laugh


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No, we’re not talking a second instalment to the Sound of Music! In a wonderfully somewhat develop, 44 per cent say that laugh is key for making a mansion a dwelling. We is absolutely agree with that one!

3. Security and safety


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Unsurprisingly, we all want to feel safe and protected wherever “were living”. 50 per cent of persons surveyed said this was key to making such a home find homely.

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2. Love


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This survey is establishing us feel all warm and blurry inside! Britons have come through and had indicated that affection is the second most important ingredient for becoming your residence a home. Over half( 51 per cent) leant this as an essential element to induce the difference between somewhere to live and somewhere to be proud of. They do remark home is where the heart is!

1. Happiness


Image credit: Colin Poole

Cue the Pharrell Williams’ Happy’ song! Seriously, we’re affection this number 1, which was graded important by 57 per cent of persons questioned. Of track, it might not be a surprise to say that being fortunate in your home renders it the most difficult homely vibe. We really couldn’t think about a better poll upshot!

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Other influences that offset the inventory included life’s little luxuries, such as a well-stocked fridge, time barbeques, a comfy sofa and freshly laundered expanses. Surprisingly, 13 per cent added a few statements now and there made a residence! Who knew that those pesky genealogy tiffs could have a positive impact after all?

Written by Lauren Goody

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